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The Benefits of Bioidentical Testosterone for Sleeping Issues

The Benefits of Bioidentical Testosterone for Sleeping Issues

Bioidentical testosterone can help your sleep issues!

Low testosterone production can lead to many changes in a man’s life, including a lack of energy, reduced sex drive, depression, and difficulty concentrating. These changes can be very troubling, especially when they’re closely linked to your sense of worth and functionality. That alone could be enough to cause sleepless nights and trouble days. A growing body of research has indicated that low testosterone levels can directly disrupt your sleep and lead to chronic insomnia. These disturbances alone present significant health risks, potentially aggravating other health issues and creating new ones. For a lot of men experiencing these disturbances, the solution lies in hormone replacement therapy. Read on to learn how bioidentical testosterone can help your sleep issues!

Low Testosterone and Sleeping Issues

Sleeping issues might be some of the most under-recognized symptoms of lower testosterone, including decreased quality of sleep, abnormal sleep duration, and a disrupted circadian rhythm. These disturbances could have serious implications for every functionality, along with profound effects on both emotional and physical health. Just like other conditions, low testosterone and sleeping issues are mutual, as sleep disturbance can lower your testosterone levels. A study found healthy young men without pre-existing low levels, restricting sleep duration to five hours a night for about one week led to a 10 to 15% reduction in daytime testosterone levels. Low testosterone and sleep issues can be bad, but there are solutions.

Bioidentical Testosterone for Sleeping Issues

While research confirms the very complicated relationship between sleep disruption and low levels, it also provides insight into how testosterone-related sleep disturbances could be treated: testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy has been recognized as the best kind of treatment for low T levels, but many do not realize how it can positively affect those with sleeping issues. Research has shown it can help sleep conditions, sexual function, and quality of life among men with sleep disturbance. With bioidentical testosterone from LifeXMD, your dosage is customized to your needs using hormones that are structurally indistinguishable from the ones produced by your own body. A personalized treatment can be further adjusted for you as your hormone levels change. The practitioners from LifeXMD can conduct a thorough assessment to understand your symptoms, their cause, and determine your suitability for proper treatment.

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